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About Vincent Panettiere

Many times imagination develops through loneliness. Left in solitude and quiet the creative process emerges later, dormant until activated by circumstances or maturity.

Vincent was the only boy in a family of six children. Many times he was left to himself and his imagination. As he got older, he started writing short stories.

Vincent tells about the time he submitted a short story to "one of those magazines at the supermarket checkout counters". He showed this story to his high school English teacher who then became convinced that the teenager was having trouble at home. He wasn't, but this story earned him his first acknowledgement as a writer - as well as his first rejection slip.

He began his career as a sports reporter for the UPI wire service. While in graduate school at Boston University, he wrote sports for The Boston Herald, a daily newspaper.

Several years later after having reviewed his screenplay submissions a story editor at Columbia Pictures encouraged Vincent to move to the West Coast and keep writing. He wrote and sold several screenplays which - "in the byzantine world of motion pictures" - went unproduced.

It was time for a career change. Panettiere struck out on his own becoming a licensed literary agent representing writers and directors in TV and Film. During this time he became frustrated with the entertainment financing system, and began searching for outside financing for his clients. Some of his experiences are chronicled in his book, The Internet Financing Illusion.

Whether as a literary agent or executive at CBS or Twentieth Century Fox, Panettiere continued to search for ideas and stories to feed his imagination. For him, the seed of a story starts nudging his mind, forming characters and situations. His characters lead the story, and often surprise him with unforeseen twists.

Vincent Panettiere has written A Woman To Blame which has received excellent reviews, and is currently working on a sequel featuring detective Mike Hegan. Soon to be released is his second novel, These Thy Gifts.

For Vincent, writing brings several joys. He looks forward to reading the pages he has written a day later. Many times he can't remember writing the pages. "This is my favorite part of the creation process. Something inside takes over. Something that I know I can rely on indefinitely."

Most importantly, he says, the best part of the writing process is "having written - having defeated the tyranny of the blank page."

Vincent Panettiere currently resides on the West Coast.

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"A brilliant mystery full of suspense... A Woman To Blame had me hooked from the first page."

"I love thrillers that have strong characters you can delve down into and find real substance and that is what Panettiere has written for us here."

"The murder-mystery genre is so overcrowded these days it takes something special to stand out from the crowd and that's exactly what you get here. Great writing that doesn't rely on cliché, a real hit."

"Vincent Panettiere is the author of THE INTERNET FINANCING ILLUSION, and while that book is an expose of Internet scams, it is also the experience of the author. With the success of that first outing with writing he follows now with a well-sculpted mystery thriller A WOMAN TO BLAME. It is an auspicious debut novel."

"The characters (A Woman To Blame), even those who only put in a brief appearance, are three-dimensional and fleshed out well. The main character, Mike Hegan, is a tough guy who's had a rough time of it emotionally - and the punches, literal and mental, keep rolling for him throughout the book. All of this makes you want to take his side in every fight...I would love to see this turned into a series."

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